NX: Modeling to Manufacturing

Unlike most other 3D modeling, design, and manufacturing software, which usually come separately, NX includes all of these aspects in a single package. For example, a person using SolidWorks or Inventor for modeling would then have to transfer his or her files over to Mastercam or similar software for the manufacturing process. But, if the person were using NX, he or she would be able to go straight from modeling to manufacturing right in the same NX software. Check out the NX modeling tutorial below:

In addition to modeling and manufacturing, NX enables you to run simulation and analysis on your files as well as create drafts from your models. This combination of tools into one piece of software makes NX an invaluable program when reducing time to market to increase profit.

View our Siemens NX PLM Software page for more information.


Common Questions with NX Version 7.5

After speaking with some of our clients, its become apparent that there are a couple of common questions NX version 7.5. We felt it’d be best to address these below with our answers.

Question 1:

Q: “After updating, I cannot start NX, receiving the error �entry point not found� and a problem with a �*.dll� file. What is going on?”

A: There is a corruption with this file. It may be due to having NX running while trying to update, or updating / installing over the network. Close down NX while updating or installing software.

Question 2:

Q: “What type of O/S is supported with NX version 7.5?”

A: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 & 64 Bit) and MAC 10.5.5 (Limited Tech Support Available on Campus)

Question 3:

Q: “My NX Information window does not display on screen. What happened to it?”

A: It is possible to drag the Information window completely out of the NX window. To bring the display of the Information back into the NX display, choose Preferences->User Interface, select the Layout tab, and choose the icon for “Reset Window Position” in the Settings area of the dialog.

If you have additional questions that you would like to see answered, please email our staff, or post a comment below. We will seek to provide answers to those questions in a timely manner as well.