NX Layout Bridges Conceptual Design and Product Design

A new feature in NX 10 is called “NX Layout”. NX Layout is a fully integrated 2D conceptual design solution for NX.  It’s built on proven NX technology, and uses intelligent, reusable objects called 2D components to enhance 2D concept design.  NX Layout provides a number of dedicated tools to support 2D design and delivers industry leading 2D to 3D capabilities to accelerate the product design phase.

NX Layout

Essentially, NX layout lets you start in the conceptual phase of product design, creating a 2D layout of the core ideas of your product. This allows you to get the basic shape and function in a quick, easy setup. After you hammer down the basics of your design, the integration between 2D and 3D allows for a quick transition to the final stages of your product design phase. This is a powerful tool that is now available to you in NX 10.