Announcing CCS 2016 Financing Programs

Complete Capital Services and VMH International have come together to offer special rates along with a Buy Now, Pay Later option with your software, maintenance, training and implementation packages!

Special Rate Offer

Keep Your Competitive Edge! 0% Interest for 12 Months, 3.99% for  24 Months, 4.99% for 36 Months


  • Includes training, maintenance, implementation
  • 90 Day differed payments option available
  • Secured online application

Terms and Conditions:

  • One payment due at signing
  • $5000 minimum equipment cost
  • Must have 24+ months Time in Business to qualify
  • $1 Buyout Purchase Option
  • Subject to equipment and credit approval



Buy Now, Pay Later

Get the Software You Need Today! No Down Payment and No Monthly Payments Due at Signing. 


  • Includes training, maintenance, implementation
  • 12-48 month finance solutions
  • 90 Day differed payments option
  • Easy application process

Terms and Conditions:

  • $5000 minimum equipment cost
  • 12-48 month terms available
  • Cannot be combined with any other promotions
  • Subject to equipment and credit approval

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VMH International Announces Matthew Overall as Director of Customer Success

Matt Overall
Congratulations to Matthew Overall who has been promoted to the position of Director of Customer Success. In this new position, Matt will focus on overall customer satisfaction, maintenance and service. He currently lives in St. Louis and while prior to joining VMH, Matt sold cloud-based SaaS software along with managing a sales team for 10 years. He has also sold non-destructive test equipment. We wish Matt continued success at VMH International.

Dream Team Visits the Science Center

In our last week of this year’s Dream Team, we managed to setup a business trip to the St. Louis Science Center. The whole experience was a blast! We got a behind the scenes tour of their exhibit creation lab, Omnimax theater, and planetarium. More importantly though (and the main reason we were there), we saw the progress of the new Blue Angels exhibit we contributed on last year. It’s still in progress, but should be implemented within the year! It’s exciting to see our work being used in such a popular place!

Spool of Omnimax Film (Weighs ~260 lbs!)

Spool of Omnimax Film (Weighs ~260 lbs!)

One of the most fascinating parts of the trip was seeing the innerworkings of the Omnimax theater. We were allowed to go behind and above the massive, domed screen to get a closer look. Did you know that the Omnimax screen is perforated with millions of small holes? It’s so the huge speakers can be placed behind the screen and still be able to sound amazing. Next we got to up close with the Omnimax projector and its huge spools of film! Once the reels began feeding film through the projector, I realized how mechanical of a device this was. It seemed to have very little (if any) digital technology to create such an awesome experience for audiences. In a world where nearly everything else is digital, I came to respect this incredibly mechanical system.

– Taylor J.

The Dream Team Visits OMTEC 2015

OMTEC 2015 was an experience like no other. OMTEC, which stands for Orthopaedic Manufacturing & Technology Exposition and Conference, is first and foremost a medical device trade show. Here at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, my co-intern and I witnessed the cutting edge in medical technology. From the 3D printed titanium biomedical implants displayed by Arcam AB, to Gsell Medical Plastics AG’s exhibition of the carbon fiber medical tools and instruments used to perform these surgeries, OMTEC easily gathers a plethora of new and innovative ideas together that challenge the way one thinks about the medical industry. (The all-included catered lunch buffets were an added bonus as well.)


The VMH Booth at OMTEC 2015

Orchid Orthopedic Solutions, the main sponsor of the show, arranged a small presentation near the end of the second day. As the speaker takes you into an in-depth journey about why the event is held every year and the importance of manufacturing quality parts at competitive prices, I started to realize the significance of this convention to the medical industry and the world as a whole.

Overall, this trade show has taught me a great deal about the advanced engineering behind the scenes of the medical world. Moreover, I was able to benefit from the experience of talking to other engineers at all levels about what they do on the job at their respective companies. At the end of day two, as my team and I began tearing down our both, I was approached by a fellow exhibitor attendee. He was amazed that there were interns at this trade show and explained how his company opted not to bring along any of theirs. This is just another testament as to how fortunate I am to be part of the Dream Team here at VMH International.

– Brandon S.

NX Layout Bridges Conceptual & Product Design

A new feature in Siemens NX 10 is called “NX Layout”. NX Layout is a fully integrated 2D conceptual design solution for NX. 

It’s built on proven NX technology, and uses intelligent, reusable objects called 2D components to enhance 2D concept design.  NX Layout provides a number of dedicated tools to support 2D design and delivers industry leading 2D to 3D capabilities to accelerate the product design phase.

NX Layout

Essentially, NX Layout lets you start in the conceptual phase of product design, creating a 2D layout of the core ideas of your product. This allows you to get the basic shape and function in a quick, easy setup. After you hammer down the basics of your design, the integration between 2D and 3D allows for a quick transition to the final stages of your product design phase. This is a powerful tool that is now available to you in NX 10.