Femap NX - Engineering Software with Nastran

femap imageFemap NX Nastran software is an advanced engineering analysis environment for simulation of complex engineering problems. Using Femap engineers can simulate the performance of their products virtually to determine their performance and behavior, reducing the need for testing and prototypes.

  • Significantly speed up the design process by bringing simulation closer to design and Femap softwarereducing time-to-market.
  • Reduce the need for costly prototypes and testing, saving time and money.
  • Perform failure analysis that improves product performance and reliability, reducing costly recalls.
  • Evaluate and optimize designs to minimize material use, investigate use of alternative materials and perform trade-off studies to evaluate differing designs.
  • Standalone engineering analysis environment that can exchange data with any CAD system and simulate using all major commercial solvers.
(Femap Dynamic Frequency Respones Analysis - a short video showing how Femap with NX Nastran can perfom a frequency response of a design)

Femap is widely used by the world's leading engineering organizations and consultants to model complex products, systems and processes, including satellites, aircraft, defense, automotive vehicles, electronics, heavy construction equipment, lift cranes, marine vessels and process equipment.

Femap with NX Nastran
Provides all of the capabilities that you will need in many instances, including linear statics, normal modes, buckling, steady state and transient heat transfer, basic nonlinear, design sensitivity and unlimited problem size capabilities.

Dynamic response
This enables product performance to be evaluated in both the time and frequency domains.

Determine optimal design parameters with topology and sizing optimization capabilities.
Rotor dynamics-Predicts the dynamic response of rotating systems such as shafts, turbines, and propellers to determine critical shaft speeds.

Advanced nonlinear
Facilitates large deformation; supports nonlinear materials, time-dependent loads, deformable and rigid contact. Also provides nonlinear time integration for impact analysis.

Determine structural response from aerodynamic loading for static and flutter conditions.
Structural analysis toolkit- Saves post processing time by organizing results data and calculating additional results quantities.

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